How Panda Works


Free ‘Faster Money Transfer’! The Panda can fund 96% of UK bank accounts in minutes.

Panda believes he’s the ONLY payday lender that does NOT charge you arrangement fees OR to transfer your loan!


No Arrangement Fees, No Guarantor,  No Interviews, No Faxing, Free ‘ Faster Money Transfer’, No interest charged on Interest, Two Rollover opportunities, Loyalty = Reduction in Interest Rate to 1% a week!

Panda Loans loans are tailored to you and Panda Loans works with our customers to reduce their rates and increase the amount they can borrow.

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Panda Rewards loyalty and responsible borrowing.

Panda’s representative APR is 5420% which drops to 69% variable. Saving you a surprising amount of money and offering clients increased lending like £1,000 for 28 days at total cost of £50. The more successfully repaid loans you have, the lower you interest rate.

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Panda is a proud member of the Consumer Credit Trade Association. Providing customers with an independent body to review any complaint and ensuring we follow best practice

Our ‘Client Support Centres’ which are open 7 days a week from 9.30 to 5.30. Online 24/7 account access. All secured by ‘Symantec Security’ just like the banks.

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Did you know that Banks can refuse to pay your direct debts, charging you up fines and unauthorised borrowing charges.A 2 weeks unauthroised borrowing of £250 from Barclays will cost you £130, that is a staggering APR of over 14 million percent. Banks don’t work for the man on the street!

Panda Loans can lend you £250 for two weeks for £45. Now you can pay your bills without bank fines.

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An independent UK finance auditing company were asked to independently review our corporate systems, support structures, internal process and money transfer speeds. They awarded Panda Loans 97%.

OfT  / Financial Conduct Authority – Regulate the banks and Panda Loans. We think it’s best this way.

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Returning clients with good history with Panda Loans can SMS the Panda. His SMS solution will validate your credity, ask how much you want and send the cash directly into your bank account. Our application process is optimised for online, smartphone and tablet devices to you can access your money when you need it most.

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